Hi, I’m Amber

I develop and execute breakthrough marketing strategies that help brands build profitable, lasting relationships with their customers. I have dedicated the last 15 years to mastering the art and science of marketing to help companies drive traffic, generate qualified leads, and scale profitably.

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  • “Amber Foster is resourceful and dynamic with an exceptional team spirit. She has proven herself to be a lifelong learner, with a willingness to embrace change and a commitment to the highest quality standards. She understands the aims and outcomes of a project from the very beginning and has a particular ability with problem solving to ensure its success.

    Miss Foster is always willing to offer her assistance to others and has built an excellent rapport with clients, employees, partners, and other constituents served by our company. She is a pleasure to work with and someone you can count on to get the job done.”

    Eric B., – Marketing Strategist

  • “Amber is a skilled and reliable professional who has been a tremendous asset to our marketing efforts. What sets her apart is that she is a remarkable writer. Amber’s inherent empathetic nature allows her to frame ideas with copy that resonates with readers in a meaningful way. She writes with ease and fluency demonstrating an uncommon talent for professional writing.  Amber’s creativity, productivity and commitment to excellence make her a great asset to any well-run marketing organization.”

    Theresa T., – Marketing Director

  • “On many projects, Miss Foster has been the driving force behind the team. She is enthusiastic and always willing to go the extra mile. Her motivation and drive enable her to deliver best results, even under time constraints.

    Miss Foster  is well equipped for the social interplay that goes hand in hand with the responsibilities of a marketing professional. She would be an asset to any marketing team and I have no doubt that she will experience great success in her future career. I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.”

    Morgan H., – Senior Consultant