Content Marketing Campaign


An example of a content marketing campaign I developed to improve brand visibility, build brand authority and drive engagement. This example is one of several content marketing campaigns created under a larger content strategy that combined a mix of informational topics alongside highly valuable and “high-intent” content for customers across different stages of the buyer’s journey.


Increase website traffic and engagement from target audience, build authority and drive brand consideration. Capture top-of-funnel marketing leads and push to subsequent lead nurturing campaign into sales-qualified leads.


Develop original, informational-intent based content that attracts key audience segments across multiple channels and formats.


Improve brand visibility on organic search listings; drive interest and engagement with key audience segments; convert visitors into subscribers and nurture existing subscribers with valuable information


Brand Visibility – Organic Impressions, Keywibord-Based Page Rankings, Web Traffic, Click-Through Rates

Engagement– Page Views, Avg. Session Duration, New vs Returning Visitors, bounce rates

Conversions – Downloads, Email Opens and Clicks, Social Media Shares, Form Submissions/ New Contacts


Web pages, blog posts, advertorials, slideshow presentations, .pdf downloads, social media posts and marketing emails.

Campaign Results

When we compared user engagement KPIs with historical trends, the campaign performed significantly better. Here are a few notable metrics.

Conversions from form fills were 110% higher

The average bounce rate was 64.81% lower

Session duration more than doubled

Conversions from form fills were 110% higher

The average bounce rate was 64.81% lower

Session duration more than doubled


Content distribution drove traffic through social media, referrals (traffic from backlinks), email marketing and organic search listings, which accounted for the largest share of traffic.

In order to improve visibility on SERP listings and capture more organic traffic, the SEO strategy focused on increasing our position using high-performing keywords related to common search queries. Here are a few organic traffic metrics:

16,135 IMP

From keyword-related search queries

822 Clicks

with an average CTR of 9.7%

6.41 SERP

Average position on search listings