Brand Positioning


In early 2017 Wingman Advertising was facing a seismic shift. Internally, the agency had recently restructured its organizational leadership, and externally, big data was creating a major disruption for marketing and advertising. Potential clients were looking for agencies offering data-driven solutions to big business problems that traditional advertising alone could no longer solve. Wingman had embraced the data revolution from the start. But rather than leveraging the agency’s advanced capabilities with big data, brand messaging was hyper-focused on the agency’s high risk pay-for-performance model.

The other big problem was the category of business in which Wingman was competing. While Wingman called themselves an advertising agency, not much creative was developed in-house. Was Wingman truly an ad agency, or was it really a media planning and buying agency? How would Wingman communicate its true identity to potential clients and differentiate itself in the market from the competition?


Discover the core truths of the brand and value proposition.

Build a value-based brand positioning strategy around the agency’s area of specialization and point of difference.

Communicate a consistent brand identity that speaks to the target audience across all touch points.


Analyze the macro and micro-level market forces that have a significant impact on the brand. Use findings to develop a positioning strategy that will serve as a framework for how the agency influences interactions with clients and stakeholders.


Market Evaluation

Use Porters Five Forces Model and SWOT Analysis to asses market challenges and opportunities.

Stakeholder Input

Conduct internal interviews and team discussions to uncover insights into brand identity and perceptions.

Competitor Analysis

Compare the similarities and differences among top competitors. Identify the agency’s unique differentiators.

Messaging Evaluation

Review consumer facing messages and identify strengths and weaknesses.


Execute brand positioning strategy across all marketing channels from the top down. Communicate a consistent brand identity across all touch points. Brand design elements were updated with fresh, modern graphics that build brand recognition, while content focused on core competencies that differentiate the agency and build brand value.


Brand Evolution

By focusing on the agency’s core competencies, Wingman entered a new category, transforming from an advertising agency into a media planning and buying agency. The agency also changed its name from Wingman Advertising to Wingman Media.

Old Positioning Statement

Wingman Advertising helps companies market considered purchases with services priced on performance.

New Positioning Statement

Wingman Media is a data-driven media planning and buying agency for companies that sell big ticket items and other considered purchases. We leverage big data to precisely target purchase-ready consumers across all media channels.

Leading the Market

Since 2017, Wingman has been recognized as a leader in its category of business. Trusted business review companies like have named Wingman a leading media planning and buying agency and a top 1,000 global B2B company.

Driving Conversions

New messaging focuses on core competencies that differentiate the agency, builds brand value, drives web traffic and converts more qualified leads. Lead conversions across all channels grew substantially in the months and years following the launch of the brand’s positioning strategy.